Why Selling Short Sales This Way Works


Experience tells us that there are never any good reasons why someone has to sell via short sale but if you have to do it we promise that selling it using the Full Price In A Day is the best option

We’ll share some of those reasons here.

Stop the Zombie Attack

We’ve had this actual quote from a 12 year old girl “it’s like Zombies coming in my house trying to take my life”.  With all the stress associated with having to sell a home via short sale and frankly because most people don’t do it because they want to but because they have to, it might as well be Zombies coming to look at your home for sale.

It doesn’t matter if the family is a very nice wholesome family that is simply looking for their next house, (correct us if we’re wrong) but these people are not wanted in your home.

They open cabinets, poke through your stuff and make insensitive comments about your choice of colors.  Don’t forget that they always show up at inconvenient times and interrupt those precious few moments you have where the chaos is at it’s minimum.

By selling using the Full Price In A Day method, your life will only be interrupted just one day and you will return back to as normal as possible without worrying about Zombies attacking.

You Didn’t Plan On This

With the number of short sales we have completed, we have never heard anyone tell us that “It’s OK because we planned for this to happen”.

We know that never in the history of the home buying process did anyone ever say during the purchase turn to their significant other, friend or family members and say, “I know, I’ll buy this house, pour all my hopes and dreams into it, spend money making it mine and then after a while just let it go into foreclosure”.  Nope, not a single person.

Regardless of the reason you got there, you’re there.  We’re guessing that by now you have already tried the loan modification route, attempted the refinance options available and borrowed so much money from friends and family members that concluded that this is the next best step.

We completely understand and while we don’t do loan mods or special refinances, we can connect you with the people who do if you’re still wanting to explore that route.  Just let us know immediately (time is not on your side)

If you’ve exhausted those options, choosing to short sell your property using Full Price In A Day, you will be able to move on to another plan really really quick. A better plan.

The Bank Is Not Your Friend but We Are

This section should be titled “The Investor Is Not Your Friend…” because what many people don’t know is that when you get a loan from the big local bank, very rarely does that bank actually lend the money.  In fact, more often than not, the bank is pulling from a pool of investors that call all the shots.

So while Big Bank says they want to work with you, despite their sincerity, they have to do what the investor says.

An example: You and your best friend buy brand new homes next to each other for the same price at the same time through the same bank.  You both fall behind on payments at exactly the same time.  You both contact the bank and inquire about a loan modifications at the same time and your friend gets approved in a month and is able to keep their home.  Your request drags on for months with a lot of shuffling you around with no definitive answers.  Finally they tell you you’re not approved for a loan modification and they will be foreclosing.  It makes no sense and it’s very frustrating.

What has likely happened is that even though all things appearing the same, your friends loan was funded by Investor Pool X and yours was funded by Investor Pool Z.  The X guidelines for loan modifications are very different than the Z guidelines.  Big Bank is just the face of these groups but handle each loan separately.

This also apply to the short sale.  The approval process is handled differently for each group.  That’s why we have the best short sales negotiators available so we can get the sale approved as fast as absolutely possible.  This will save you a lot of additional stress and hassle because your participation is still needed during the closing.

By using the Full Price In A Day method you’ll be able to make it easier on yourself.

Status Doesn’t Matter

Whether the short sale property is in probate, an occupied rental or combination of those, it doesn’t matter.  Our method makes it easy for all of those and much more.  If you’re wondering if selling via Full Price In A Day will eliminate some of the pain all you have to do is call and we’ll prove it to you.